Samoa Cancels Friday, December 30th

12.29.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Have you ever had a six day week? Not “work week,” as in just one day to rest on your laurels. Just six days, period. While you scratch your head in puzzlement, the nation of Samoa are saying the hell with this Friday and moving right on to Saturday. Well, not exactly but their intended move over to the international date line will put them in a new time zone where December 30th, 2011 will simply not happen.

The decision to give Friday the fatality is not to punish the hard-working citizens of Samoa, but to align them in the time zone as their trading partners – Australia, New Zealand, China and Tonga – as they have been a day behind for many years. The nearby territory of Tokelau is also scheduled to do the same. More than anything, I foresee a cool t-shirt campaign resulting from all of this.


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