San Francisco Club Hosts Stripper Job Fair Because The World Needs More Strippers

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08.14.14 11 Comments

Look, the idea of a stripper job fair is already hilarious enough, but then some genius at KPIX 5 in San Francisco got the incredible idea to send a reporter to the job fair to check it out.

Did the corespondent have a name that could pass as a stripper name? Of course he did.

Was the correspondent old enough to look like a complete sleaze while he was there? Of course he was.

The CBS affiliate sent out a balding graybeard by the name of Mike Sugarman out to the job fair to find out exactly how this process works. While he was there people used phrases like “hospitality staff” and “entertainment” as substitutes for “stripper” and informed Sugarman that he could make $200-$400 a night. Guess there isn’t much making it rain going on in Bay Area strip clubs, who knew.

Then we get to the gold, when a nice young lady by the name of Kiana proclaims her love of dance. Kiana apparently comes from a household that could not afford to put her in ballet or send her to Juilliard, but her passion for dance was too strong to let that hold her back so she looked to the pole. Typical stripper stuff.

It was when Kiana gave Mike a few pole lessons when the comedic meter officially broke. Did Mike give it a go and try out the pole? Of course he did. Did Kiana cheer him on the whole time? Of course she did. The only thing that could have made me laugh harder would have been Kiana tossing a few dollars at Mike.

Check the video out below, and apparently if you are seeking employment as a member of the “hospitality staff” the Bay is the place to be.

Cred: KCBS

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