“Ain’t No Rules…”

05.18.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

“…In this game we play.”

Portland based group Sandpeople go hard, period.

The ten person collective is comprised of emcee’s, DJ’s and their in-house producer Sapient; none of which mattered to me til’ 2007. It was then that I was in the midst of a Sean P NSMC (Non-Sexual-Man-Crush) and he happened to be a feature guest on the track “All In Your Head” from their release Honest Racket. For a group that made claims such as ““forming like Voltron…but only slower,” they did a decent job of living up to it. Sapient’s crisp production coupled with the group’s individual sound that only could be compared distantly to something reminiscent of the Shaolin.

“Hate Aside” is a perfect example of this smooth sound that this conglomerate brings. Once the hook hits it’s end-game from there on. Truthfully, Sapient’s speaker rattling thumps had me at hello but if you were not hooked early by the thumping bass, the powerful melody of the piano that shines during the chorus should help to clinch the Sandpeople a spot on your HD.

Strong, deep, powerful and “to be copped” are all ways to describe the Sandpeople’s sound. This track well-represents what these cats are all about and is just another one of many that could be used to introduce or characterize them in this game.

Look out for their newest release, Long Story, Short…, on May 26th. For more info, check out www.sandpeoplemusic.com.


Download — Sandpeople – “Hate Aside”

Bonus Download — Sandpeople – “Money Is On Their Minds”

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