Sango’s ‘Da Rocinha 2’ Dodges Music’s Sequel Curse

02.16.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

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Alright man, you can do this.

Putting words down on Sango’s stellar Da Rocinha 2 always becomes a struggle. It’s standard practice to play the record whenever thoughts come together for the article. Things go good for the first few minutes. Then, as each track rolls out, the rhythms pull me away from the keyboard and I start vibing out like an idiot. No real work gets done and I have to start over every, damn, time.

The struggle’s real but it’s worthwhile. Da Rocinha 2, Sango’s second ode to baile funk, sports pulsing, infectious beats from start to finish. It’s every bit as good as the predecessor and then some with some unexpected flips. Music from Jon B. and Immature, for instance, don’t strike most as funk-ready. Sango finds no issues blending such discordant pieces with Brazil’s booty-poppin’ anthems.

The trap influence is strong on this EP but it isn’t your standard fare, rambunctious sound. Da Rocinha 2 basslines and 808s make the effort as smooth as Eva Mendes’ bedsheets. Personal favorites include “Tres Horas,” “Maluco,” “Me de Amor (Feat. Gaiola das Popozudas),” “Especial (Feat. MC Taty)” and “Por do Sol.” The selection represents about half of the project but that’s not to say the rest is bad. It’s the kind of release where personal favorites definitely vary between listeners.

Da Rocinha 2’s definitely worth your time if you have even the slightest interest in trap, baile funk or want to hear some cross-cultural beats without the mashup-y aftertaste. Stream it until you fall out below or pay the dollar to grab a copy.

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