“And The Walls Of Jericho Come Tumbling Down…”

08.25.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

First J. Tinsley’s post brought this song back to my memory.  Then Gotty ™ cemented it with his latest iPod shuffle.  We know Cee-Lo kills it from the feature slot and L-Boogie as an emcee has all but gone the way of the dodo.  It’s a shame we never got a chance to hear those two on the same track.  Well it’s a shame that most of you guys never got to hear them on a track.

Back in 1999, while most of the world was wrapped up in “Smooth” & “Maria Maria,” Carlos Santana got the two of these together just in the nick of time.  I happened upon “Do You Like The Way” after buying Supernatural as a gift for my dad on his birthday.  One listen had me hooked & this song was played ad nauseam over the summer.  Lauryn was still at her peak following her debut, Cee-Lo was just beginning to branch outside the Dungeon Family & Santana was… Santana.


Download — Santana Feat. Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo – “Do You Like The Way”

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