Santana And Miguel’s “Indy” Is That Walk Hand-In-Hand On The Beach Music

04.18.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

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The summer, as it does every year, brings along more than its fair share of music to get hungover to, or, as the cool kids phrase it, “turn up.” That much is a given. Yet, to create a semblance of balance and provide some sort of brief moment of tranquility for your liver, there’s music in the vein of “Indy” by Santana and Miguel.

Perhaps you and the special someone have an anniversary on the horizon. Or perhaps work has gotten in the way lately and the both of you’ve grown a part in certain ways. Or perhaps you messed up and a quality soundtrack is needed to play in the background while reciting word-for-word Larenz Tate’s “Blues For Nina” from Love Jones.

Whatever the case, “Indy” stands drunk on replay value and, thanks to guitar strings plucked straight from the heavens themselves, a welcomed change of pace from the lack of sensuality evident in the vast majority of mainstream R&B. Coincidentally, the song is also a reminder Miguel never followed through on the next three installments of his Art Dealer Chic series he vowed nearly a year ago.

Don’t mind me, though. I’m sleep.

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