Meek Mill And The Sauce Twinz’s ‘Winnin’ Isn’t The Drake Diss We Thought It Would Be

11.24.15 2 years ago

Sauce Walka and Meek Mill may have spent their summers taking aim at Drake, but when they finally collaborated for ‘Winnin’ the result was less “Drake diss” and more “haters” and “rappers” attack.

Yeah, despite a few months of hype and whatever allusions the song’s artwork with the Tootsie Pop owl under the word “Geeks” makes, Drake isn’t explicitly mentioned on the track. There’s a standard “I have money” verse from Meek and not much else here. The Twinz had all that animosity towards Drizzy dating back to May and this was the best they could muster for the time being.

Really, that’s probably for the best. At this point, Meek should just let sleeping dogs lie. Anything else would make him either look delusional in thinking he won or a poor sport in not knowing how to accept a loss. It’s time to move on and make sure Dreamchasers 4 is some of his best music yet.

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