Is Scarface Wrong For Believing Black Culture Is Being Driven Out Of Hip-Hop?

04.27.13 4 years ago 67 Comments

Ask the oldest of old heads and they’ll tell you someone like Chuck Berry or Fats Domino created Rock & Roll. Tell most youngbloods that Rock & Roll was originally influenced by black men, they’d probably be miffed. But, with next to no bands being comprised of African-Americans in recent memory and rock predominately dominated by white folk for the past 40 years, that racial anomaly is simply the norm. Yet, when you question how Berry’s altered Rhythm & Blues moved beyond his race altogether and see who actually influenced the transition, you start to understand why Scarface thinks black culture is getting driven out of Hip-Hop.

During a riveting interview with HardKnockTV, the Houston OG speaks on how he believes prehistoric executives with pale skin are intentionally pushing out the race that created rap by brainwashing people with “crud” from black artists and pushing more appealing product from their white counterparts. Although the thought seems outrageous in theory, his logic makes sense. Whether you agree with him or not, well…that depends on what your definition of “crud” is.

To see where Facemob is coming from, check the full interview below, where he also speaks on his opinion of Kendrick Lamar and gives some intimate insight into his close relationship with Tupac.

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