Scenes From Ferguson Through The Eyes Of A Teen

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.21.14 11 Comments

Am I Next Ferguson Teen Video

We’ve heard and seen what’s happening on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri – a place unheard of many until now – from every possible angle. The police have given parts of their side, protesters and citizens have vented their frustrations and journalists and camera crews have given us their take as well.

One of the only groups missing might be teens. They’re different from the small kids we see holding signs up with strong messages on them while we know their innocence prevents them from fully understanding what’s going on around them. Teens are older, more informed. They may not the full knowledge, but they have their own sense of awareness and ability to process it all.

Am I Next? is by Transient Pictures following Ferguson teenager Shane Flowers through the streets while unrest surrounds. For viewers, Ferguson is place on the screen. Shane’s maybe just any other kid. But for Shane and his friends, this is their reality, as one explains it, “…What’s so crazy about it, don’t nobody hear us until we do some sh…until we do stuff like this. Like, from the riot, everybody breaking stuff, didn’t nobody trip off of that until everybody started breaking into stuff…they wasn’t worried about Michael Brown’s death.”

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