On ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar & “LigHt Years AHead”

02.26.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Let me establish the scene. I was “studying” for finals. And by “studying” I mean I was Ustreaming the performances from the SXSW and the Vibe House. It was the day before I was slated to go and I really couldn’t give half a f*ck what Bayes’ Theorem was. Really, I was just cursing everything for not being able to be in ATX already and wanted to see what I was missing. So I started browsing the holy Internuts and it was at that juncture that I stumbled onto the fuzzy, delayed, oft-freezing stream of ScHoolboy Q rapping his guts out to a few hundred people and one lucky video camera.

One thing led to another and within a few minutes Setbacks found its way onto my computer, at which point I had found my newest salvation from my last impending final. The LP’s third track, “LigHt Years AHead (Sky HigH)” featured the familiar name Kendrick Lamar so I was quick to give that joint a spin to scope things out before diving into the album. Yeah, long story short, I didn’t get very far and the repeat button got jammed.

Q actually low-key delivered one of the best verses of his young career on this record, but as good as it was, K-Dot’s was something from another planet. Looking back a year later, I’m not sure if any other rapper short of a Hov or a ‘Ye could have matched Kendrick. And even they’d have to have been at the absolute top of their game to stand a shot. The Compton rapper’s flow was at its best and his rhymes seemed to be made with the sole purpose of stomping out any potential competition. His message was crystal clear: get out of my way or I will get you out of my way.

Since we’re here, check Rocksmith’s “I Am: Kendrick Lamar” feature below, which highlights KL’s team at TDE, his recording process, working with new talented people and more.

ScHoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar – “LigHt Years AHead (Sky HigH)”

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