Don’t Expect To See ScHoolBoy Q At SXSW Next Year

03.18.14 4 years ago 26 Comments

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While most SXSW attendees are still recovering, ScHoolBoy Q is threatening that he won’t grace the festival with his presence next year. Per the AP:

“Everywhere he turned, his fans were standing outside venues festooned with corporate branding, unable to enter because they didn’t have a formal invite.

“‘It’s stupid. They changed it all up. It’s corporate,” he said as he prepared for a show Saturday. “I don’t ever want to come back unless they change it to where the fans are in. I’m tired of performing and seeing my fans outside the gate. … That’s not fair. It’s not about the fans no more, it’s all about money, who can give you the best look.'”

His comments are a little confusing, and even earned a side-eye from yours truly. No one forced him take these corporate shows, and if he was that worried about it, why didn’t he set up shop on 6th Ave a la Raz Simone and perform for his gate-dweller fans? I saw TDE hustling down 6th one night and they didn’t look remotely interested in stopping to yuck it up with fans.

As someone who attended SXSW, the corporate part of the event didn’t bother me. In fact, I didn’t even notice it. Sure, the RSVP filled up and closed for Spin’s showcase featuring Future before I could submit my name, and Fader Fort didn’t select my RSVP for a badge, but guess what? There were literally 100s of other sets I caught, and I wasn’t even mad about those I missed. At festivals like this, you should be too busy, and too overwhelmed with everything going on around you, that you don’t have time to even bitch about how corporate everything is.

If worrying about the corporate element is your lasting memory, or obvious impression of the festival, then you’re doing it wrong. Besides, one of the best aspects about this particular festival is your ability to discover new music through the hundreds of artists performing at any given moment.

And because SXSW isn’t complete without our Canadian friend Nardwuar, here’s Q’s interview with him below.

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