Scolla + Devin Miles Ft. Big Soj – “Young ‘Til I Die”

07.14.13 4 years ago

scolla devin miles young til i die

“I’m a be young til I die / top down, feelin’ G, still bumpin’ Pimp C”

If you grew up rapping Chad Butler bars, that line from Scolla & Devin Miles’ smooth new joint has to resonate. Can you imagine growing out of Hip-Hop?

Filling up a champagne-warranting Big Soj-produced backdrop with earnest lyrics and showy flows, these two versatile RLES Society members break down the positive reinforcement they’ve seen from keeping 100 in their lives to prove how people’s personalities shouldn’t change just because they grow up. They started rapping early, busted their behinds to make a name for themselves and continue to grind until the sun comes up to this day. Had they conformed, they may have nothing at all.

Essentially, we never have to settle or turn into something we’re not, which these two grindaholics verify with this potent single. Motivation never sounded so smooth.

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