Scotty – “My Granddaddy Car” Video

10.31.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a fresh pan of cornbread. The slightly savory, and perfectly brown outside. A slight crunch giving way to a puff of steam that nearly burns the roof of your mouth. The subtle sweetness, and almost chewy texture. Simple and perfect, it’s the South in just a handful of ably prepared ingredients.

Atlanta upstart Scotty embodies the same ethos that goes into the preparation of soul food, as evidenced by the Cry and DJ Burn One produced “My Grandaddy Car.” Thumping drums and a synth chord is all he needs to create a soulful ode to a generations old dedication to moving slower and cooler that the rest of the world. This is the final video from the Jiffy Cornbread Experience before Scotty locks with Burn One in for the upcoming release #FAITH (F.oreva A.tlanta I.n T.he H.eart). If this is any evidence of what this partnership will bring in the future, than my anticipation has just ratcheted up a notch, and yours should too.

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