SMH 2009 – “Birthday Daggeration”

09.02.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

I decided to revisit an old web haunt and found this gem.

It was under a post entitled: “OMG, I used to play basketball with this guy and now he does music.” Now it’s no secret that athletes want to be musicians and musicians want to be athletes. So it’s easy to see why Sean “Crazy Legs” Taylor would turn to music after Plan A didn’t work out.  Judging by the video above, Plan B isn’t going to work out either so it’d be a good a idea to lay the groundwork for Plan C.

For you squatters, & are still availiable.

Stray Shots

Tabi Bonney – The Jetsetter Mixtape

Quite Nyce – Hello, My Name is Quite Nyce

G*Two x The Congregation – Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out

Hannibal King – Eating Cornbread On The Millennium Falcon

Tab One (of Kooley High)- The Tabloids

Don Cannon Presents Rock City – The Saga Continues

Waajeed – The Eternal Mixtape (RIP Baatin)

Funkadelic – Hardcore Jollies

Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Me and Joe

Trading Places OST

Society Of Soul – Brainchild

VA – Promo Only Urban Club September 2009

Stray Shots

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