Searching For Perfection With John Gotty & Chan-Lo

09.23.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

“I got a dog (a cat) a mouse (a rat), A fly (he won’t die) and a little gnat.”

My little grasshopper friend Chan-Lo gave me homework to do a few days ago. I can’t remember how the question was phrased but essentially the task was to name five songs I consider to be perfect. Not exactly an easy assignment until I stripped things down to tunes I listen to frequently. Songs interchangeable for good and bad days. The tracks I know by heart.

In retrospect, Run-DMC’s “Perfection” could have been added to my five. I had this album on vinyl and me and my sister used to do a pretty cool routine where I was Darryl McDaniels since I wore glasses. Another day for that story though.

Check it out, “The 5: Legendary Shit with John Gotty.”

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