Seattle Sneaker Thieves Raid Store, Steal Thousands In Kicks

04.05.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

No campouts or doing digital battle with bots for three Seattle men. These guys skipped the whole process by weaseling their way through a sneaker store’s walls to get what they wanted.

“Police are searching for three men who stole thousands of dollars worth of shoes from a U-district shoe store.

“The heist happened Monday morning around 1:30 am. The owner of Recess shoe store said the men broke into the key box for the apartment building next door. They used the master key to get inside the apartment building then cut through the drywall to access the shoe store.

Glen Delola lives upstairs and is friends with the owner. He got called early Monday morning to check out the store.

“’When I got here it looked out of place. There was like a sheet up in the window and it didn’t look like they normally keep it,’ said Delola.

“’We noticed there was a hole in the wall that lead into the apartment,” added Delola.

“Surveillance video shows the men came back three times Monday morning. Their last visit tripped the alarm.”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and these guys obviously had to have themselves some new Js.

Pretty shiesty move. Hopefully, the store owner has forgiving insurance company and is able to recoup on his losses. It’s either that or watch the feet of people around the city and see who keeps coming out unusually fresh far too many times.

Update: Recess shared surveillance footage showing the suspects. Since most sneaker communities are niche groups, pinpointing these crooks shouldn’t be too hard.

H/T: Pacino

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