Oxford University Press Names #Selfie Its Word of the Year

11.19.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

“Selfie” is Oxford University Press’ 2013 word of the year and “twerk” is not. Thank the Lord, the heavens, a great benevolent deity in the big blue sky that we did not have the bastardization of “twerk” shoved in our face one last time.

But anyways, “selfie.” According to The AP, “‘selfie’ saw a huge jump in usage in the past year, bursting from the confines of Instagram and Twitter to become mainstream shorthand for any self-taken photograph,” as reason for its win. The word itself reportedly has roots in Australia, first appearing in a 2002 web forum, before the internet-famous hashtag #selfie appeared in 2004.

“Selfie” beat out other words like “twerk,” “Bitcoin” and “binge-watch” for the honor. It made its way into the more street-wise Oxford online dictionary in August, but those associated with the dictionary are considering including it in future editions of the O.G. Oxford English Dictionary.

Just no duck-face example photo, please.

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Photo: Instagram

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