Seven The General And Nick Speed Shine In ‘A.R.T. The DIA Project Documentary’

and 08.03.14 3 years ago 2 Comments
Nick Speed ART the DIA Project Documentary


Low key, Seven The General dropped one of the best projects to come out of Detroit last year. By teaming with his renown hometown homie Nick Speed, this longtime Motor City staple made A.R.T., the best project of his career (get it here). The album featured a diverse palette of tracks, each offering their own concept and feel, giving Seven various outlets to express his raspy realness.

Now, to reinforce how dope the LP came out and give a behind-the-scenes peek into the process behind killer tracks like “iWitness” and “Knowhere,” Seven and Speed deliver A.R.T. The DIA Project Documentary. At approximately 20 minutes in length, this relatively quick clip is high quality, showing how much pride both men put into their craft and how tight their bond was throughout the creative process. After watching, it’s obvious why the final product was so potent.

Yet, despite the recap of A.R.T., the best news might be that they’re currently working on the sequel.

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