When Taking A Charge Almost Went Wrong

05.19.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

It is already bad enough networks still continue to show LeBron’s block on Jason Richardson’s failed 360 dunk from last season. Now he’s got this to remember. During Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the former Slam Dunk Champion almost saw the unthinkable go down thanks in part to Chris Brown’s identical cousin (and Slam Dunk Contest bust), Shannon Brown.

We like dunks around here. A lot. Keeping all this in mind, it has to be something special for a missed dunk to gain coverage around TSS. Like so. If you watched the game, then you already know this was never really a close contest. Kobe was Kobe and Lamar Odom had one of those games where actually realized how good he could be every night if he actually tried. Ironically, young Shannon had the play of the night. And it didn’t even affect the score.

If you’ve spent any time around a basketball court, you should have at least one or two tales of guys getting put on posters. For me, I witnessed a guy get dunked on so bad that he walked off the court, got in his car and drove away. It was only a 3-0 game at that point, too. Now, had Shannon thrown this down, he would have immediately found himself up there with all time great postseason dunks – a la Jordan on Ewing, McGrady on Bradley, LeBron on Garnett, Bryant on Nash and the most iconic of them all, Pippen on Ewing.

Like my grandfather used to say, however, “If ‘if’ was a fifth, we’d all be drunk.” You were lucky this time, Jason. Stand in the middle of the lane again and see what happens.

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