Shaquille O’Neal Reportedly Set To Join Turner Sports

07.11.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

And with one tweet from Darren Rovell, the world’s greatest post game show (and top three pregame) just got that much better. The Big Social Security Check, better known as Shaquille O’Neal, appears to be taking his legendary personality over to TNT to presumably join Ernie Johnson, Kenny “The Jet” Smith and Charles Barkley as the newest member of Inside The NBA. Five thoughts came to mind upon hearing this.

1. Comparing only the NBA and NFL, this is the biggest free agent signing of 2011.

2. While it has yet to be confirmed by Turner, Rovell is a respected name in the industry so him liberating this type of information is about as official as it’s going to be until it’s made official. That make sense?

3. What’s the over/under for when they show the legendary Shaq/Chuck fight? I’m going with under 15 seconds. They’ll probably lead the first show off with it. You know what was the best thing about that entire altercation though? Hearing Kevin Harlan say, “They’ve got a brouhaha!” That will never, ever get old. And how about the over/under for Chuck cracking on Shaq’s free throw shooting only to have Shaq ask Sir Charles how many rings he has?

4. If Ernie Johnson can keep these three personalities in check and keep the chemistry basically the same, will he become the best point guard in the NBA? He has to at least be in the discussion.

5. I’m guessing Chris Webber will be sent back for assignment in the minor leagues. That’s NBA TV in this case.

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