“They’re like people…but sheep.”

Can’t remember where I heard that quote, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t apply now.

I came across this video while researching innovative media solutions pretending to be busy at work. The content: alleged reaction of a certain rapper to the alleged altercation between two popstars from some anonymous tipster.

Excuse me one second as I climb atop this here soapbox.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are yet to get a single solid fact beyond the obvious (that something happened on that particular Saturday night) and already full-fledged campaigns are being launched on the backs of all these claims.

Good job MTV, you’re officially the drunken prom queens of speculative media. Take a bow © Rihanna.

Have people really gotten to the point where they have absolutely nothing better to do than to focus on this baseless fiasco is such great detail, with increasingly inflated allegations at every turn?

Pretty soon, an unofficial report will leak claiming that he hit her with a Thor’s hammer after unleashing a pack of wild hounds on her, and how we should’ve seen this coming because he took a picture with Michael Vick and Ike Turner a few years back.

Frankly, even if that was the case, I wouldn’t give a small lump of shit. She’s obviously alive and well. He’s obviously being punished. But is it really that sad?

Where was all this speculation, all these tears of sadness and rage, when a group of young black men were assaulted and one was killed, videotaped in broad daylight by the police? Where was the outrage when this tragedy was neglected by the same media screaming “We want to know!” now? These were hard, publicly available facts, not assumptive allegations. No research required, no mystery informant, just multiple video recordings of murder and assault.

It was laid on the table and served to perfection and America took a glimpse, whimpered and walked away. Just last week, I mentioned the name Oscar Grant to a local radio personality and she didn’t know who he was. I told her the story. She was outraged and surprised, supposedly because the story wasn’t covered in depth. Meanwhile, they have a special on Rihanna and Chris Brown, and a hotline set up for battered women. Can I get a hotline for police abuse and Oscar Grant update?

Most people found out about Oscar more than a week after the incident(if at all), but the same folks knew about Chrianna eighteen hours before the young sir had to turn himself in. All due respect, getting pimpslapped to whatever degree has nothing on getting shot in the back of the head, after getting roughed up.

To quote Jay-Z (who has been misquoted & thrown in as a part of this insanity):

“They don’t give a shit unless the accused just happens to rap, and they can look good by painting him as bad news/ Cause in my past I seen dudes get half of they views exposed to the curb….and nobody said a word.”

Rap, sing. Whatever. Young black entertainer, entertain us.

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