Sheila D. – “Katie’s Interlude” Video

12.16.12 4 years ago 3 Comments

While the world’s fixated on Nicki Minaj, there’s been another movement brewing among the other women of rap. They’re stepping forward and creating engaging content, outpacing not only Minaj but their male counterparts as well. And in this group of sisters with voices is where we find Sheila D. exercising her mind.

Sheila’s “Katie’s Interlude” is neither an interlude nor a video. The visual plays more like a PSA, one dedicated to bringing social awareness to victim’s of rape. Instead of making herself the focal point, Shelia centers her tale around a fictional Katie – who could very well be a sister, cousin or friend of any of us – and one of the worst perils of being a women.

Still, Shelia doesn’t abandon her fun-loving ways totally that gained attention for her music with the tracks “We On” and “Ballin’ Like I’m Diddy.” She pairs up with Fat Trel again for the track “Baltimore Dope” and the two keep up their ratchet ways with accents on full. Sure, it’s a total flip from “Katie’s Interlude,” but that’s good. All work and no play would make Sheila a dull girl, no?

Download her new EP Simply Said here.

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