SHIRT Plays It Cool With “Queens Cat” Video

05.09.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

“Art Rap, I’m on my Gaga sh*t…”

With two hands, I can count off the number of artists who I know or have personal interactions with and feel like they truly possess this crazy talent and creativity that people are missing out on. And I would dedicate two of those 10 fingers to SHIRT.

With his “Queens Cat” video shot by his constant PNC Ronin, SHIRT shows up with a cat in tow, which is a no-brainer. The Internet loves cats, corgis and cosplay. So, incorporate a cat as one of the main players in your video along with a bit of simulated blow, a cigar plus a passport and watch it go viral.

It also helps that SHIRT raps his ass off every time he gets on a track. Not sure whether a lot of people are really up on his music or that it clicks like that for others, but I always get this ‘Pac-like, me-against-the-world energy when I vibe to his music. His projects are driven by the spirit of the ’90s but not in a stale way. The past aesthetic is a reference point, not the guiding influence. Everything he makes is perfectly suitable for right now.

Off the SHIRT’s Rap album, which is available for free here.

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