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All of this talk of 1998, greatness & classics, it lead me to do some thinking and digging. We’re all consciously aware that most Hip-Hop periodicals have lost quite a bit of their relevancy & credibility. But there was indeed a time when what they said mattered. When they rated albums, you were hard-pressed to argue against them because, before payola & scandal beset them, the periodicals & their respective staffs showed a keen knowledge for was/wasn’t that knock.

Looking back left me wondering, where are you on the The Source‘s list of 5 Mic Albums?

Where did The Source miss the mark? Which ones were they dead-on with? How many have/do you own? Regardless of when they were released, how many still make appearances in your listening rotation? Which ones have you never heard in full…or perhaps never heard anything more than the casual radio single(s) that was released with the album?

* Run-D.M.C. — Run-D.M.C.
* Radio — LL Cool J
* Licensed to Ill — The Beastie Boys
* Raising Hell — Run-D.M.C.
* Criminal Minded — Boogie Down Productions
* Paid in Full — Eric B. & Rakim
* Long Live the Kane — Big Daddy Kane
* By All Means Necessary — Boogie Down Productions
* Strictly Business — EPMD
* Straight Out the Jungle — The Jungle Brothers
* Straight Outta Compton — N.W.A.
* It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back — Public Enemy
* The Great Adventures of Slick Rick — Slick Rick
* Critical Beatdown — Ultramagnetic MCs
* No One Can Do It Better — The D.O.C.
* Grip It! On That Other Level — Geto Boys
* People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm — A Tribe Called Quest
* One for All — Brand Nubian
* Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em — Eric B. & Rakim
* AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted — Ice Cube
* Edutainment — Boogie Down Productions
* Breaking Atoms — Main Source
* The Low End Theory — A Tribe Called Quest
* De La Soul Is Dead — De La Soul
* Death Certificate — Ice Cube
* The Chronic — Dr. Dre
* Doggystyle — Snoop Doggy Dogg
* Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) — Wu-Tang Clan
* Illmatic — Nas
* Ready to Die — The Notorious B.I.G.
* The Diary — Scarface
* The Infamous — Mobb Deep
* Only Built 4 Cuban Linx — Raekwon
* Me Against the World — 2Pac
* The Score — The Fugees
* Reasonable Doubt — Jay-Z
* All Eyez on Me — 2Pac
* Life After Death — The Notorious B.I.G.
* Aquemini — Outkast
* 2001 — Dr. Dre
* Stillmatic — Nas
* The Blueprint — Jay-Z
* The Fix — Scarface
* The Naked Truth — Lil’ Kim

Just randomly scanning the list, I can say that…

Illmatic helped shape my daily existence in ’94.

Amerikkka’s Most Wanted was the cherry on top of the pie that PE created with It Takes A Nation….

— Put me on a karoake, give me Paid In Full & BAMN & let me roll.

— I’ve owned Grip It! on wax, tape & CD…and would still buy it again in all three incarnations if I felt the need.

— I’ve never listened to The Naked Truth and…Done By The Forces Of Nature. Out of the Native Tongue fam, JB’s just weren’t my steez. Don’t Lupe me for that one.

The Source’s Five Mic Albums [Wiki]

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