Shoplifting Mom Runs Over Four-Year-Old Son While Trying To Flee The Scene

05.25.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

A 25-year-old Georgia woman is facing multiple charges after she ran over her four-year-old son during an alleged shoplifting trip gone awry.

Police say on Thursday night Arkebia Albury and her two children – ages two and four – were followed into a parking lot by a store security guard who suspected the woman of shoplifting. When the security guard ordered Albury to stop, police say she hopped into her 2001 Toyota Camry and sped off with only her two-year-old in the vehicle.

Having hit her son, Albury, according to Centerville Police Chief Sidney Andrews, “picks the little boy up and throws him in the car and drives off,” despite the guard pleading to let an ambulance take the boy instead. A Centerville patrol officer stopped the car shortly thereafter, and emergency medical workers were called to the scene.

As of Friday afternoon, the boy is in critical condition with injuries to his head and internal organs. “The child is in bad shape,” said Andrews.

Albury has been charged with two counts of cruelty to children, reckless conduct and theft by shoplifting.

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