Shyne & Diddy Make Amends But Does It Matter?

01.18.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Believe it or not, during an exclusive interview with MTV, an oddly-braided Shyne Po surprisingly went into detail about how he’d just gotten off the phone with his former mentor Diddy. More odd than the phone call, though, is how they apparently plan on deading their beef with an upcoming meeting in Paris, after more than a decade of bad blood bubbled up from the infamous New York shooting in 1999. This is like The Red Sox & Yankees meeting up in Hartford to share some pitchers and talk about how bad The Mets are.

However, since Shyne was always the one publicly lambasting Puff’s character – saying he paid people to lie on the stand and never contacted him in prison – this rekindling seems to prove that the “Bad Boyz” rapper was just holding on to a grudge. Now he’s done a full 180° saying his ex-boss did indeed reach out to him and Shyne “wasn’t ready to talk” when it happened.

Sadly, though, this may be too little too late for Po as the the repercussions from his jail time and feud are obvious. He lost the best years of his life, a promising career and the ability to see out his dreams. And, when Puffy did what he could to help, Po’s reluctance wouldn’t allow him to accept the goodwill gestures. Now, he’s basically an outcast to the only other world he knows outside prison, trying to crawl his way back to the one person who will help him.

At this point, though, how much can Puff really do for a guy who’s already so far gone?

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