Shyne Revisited…

06.11.07 11 years ago 11 Comments
As promised, here’s a following up to the “Incarcerated Scarfaces” post with some Shyne rareities and features.

Shyne Shots

“Chronic 2000” Freestyle

“Bentleys and Money Counters” Feat. Street Lords

“Life Styles of The Rich”

“Get Dirty” Feat Grafh

Carl Thomas “I Wish” (Remix) Feat. LL Cool J & Prodigy

Carl Thomas “Emotional” (Remix) Feat. Faith Evans

Total “Sitting Up In My Room” (Remix)

“Keep it Thoro” Freestyle Feat. Black Rob

112 “It’s Over Now” (Remix) Feat G-Dep

Puff Daddy – “P.E. 2000” (Lost Remix)

Tim Westwood Show Freestyle

Pretty Boy “Girls Girls Girls”

Shyne Shots

Some other shit you might want to hear…

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that Tank, Ginuwine & Tyrese were coming together to form a “supergroup”. Here’s their first offering – “Please Don’t Go” (TGT Remix).

TGT. Cool name. Nice thundering track. But I think I prefer the whole characters & storytelling better when R does it. Still expecting something good to come from it all though.

Nobody creates more of a rise out of folks than Young Wayne Carter (evidence here). This track here is being passed around as the “Carter III Intro,” which seems a little far-fetched considering the album doesn’t come out for a while.

“I know the game is crazy/more crazy than it’s ever been/I’m married to that crazy bitch/call me Kevin Federline…”

Wayne goes hard and with style.


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