Yes, Shyne Still Sucks

06.21.10 7 years ago 31 Comments

This is the best post-jail Shyne song yet. Which is kind of like saying getting sodomized by a #2 pencil is much less painful than having your anus gorged by a sulfuric acid-drenched chainsaw. The similarity lies in the fact that both the sodomy and the song will leave you with a long-standing look of discomfort and possible rectal leakage.

Apparently this is the first single to Shyne’s new album, meaning that Def Jam is still going ahead with the project. Somewhere the BP execs are reading this news and thinking, “Damn, that’s bad for business.” For a time, I felt bad for Po and his inability to make music that sounded better than monkey diarrhea. Then I saw this promo pic for the single and it hit me: Shyne’s brilliant.

He’s doing this all on purpose. The man came out of jail angry at society, so he pays it back by stealing $1 million. All of this bad music is a ruse. I was fooled at first, then I saw this promo pic for the single. Dude has on a high top fade. And he’s on a motorcycle. He’s not even trying anymore. He’s playing the system. This is some long-standing protest against capitalism and the pursuit of money. See, Shyne already got a milli in the bank. Now he’s rubbing it in all of our faces by purposefully showing how much he doesn’t deserve it. Brilliant! I mean, a high top fade? On a motorcycle? He looks like a mid-’90s blaxploitation gay porn remake of Mad Max. It’s hilarious. Good to see that you’re in on the joke too, Shyne. I was worried there for a second.

Shyne – Roller Song| Download

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