SiR – Long Live Dilla Mixtape

02.23.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

SiR – Long Live Dilla Mixtape

SiR’s best known for providing the eclectic production that has set the stage for some of the best works by TiRon & Ayomari. But he’s branching out and created a fantastic dedication to the fallen J Dilla, appropriately titled Long Live Dilla. It features several different LA artists, in addition to SiR showcasing their diverse talents over several of the best beats by Jay Dee.

Among the standout tracks, Ill Camille shines on the intro “Fantastic 2” as well as Iman Omari over “Designated Driver.” It’s awesome to see all these present day artists adapt their styles to fit J Dilla’s beats and even better to see them address him directly on wax about the influence he’s had over their craft, even years after his passing. But once again, Dilla’s soul pierces through the layers and it’s his immortal production that shows its timelessness on a brand new occasion. It’s yet another reason in the already overflowing list of reasons justifying his place on Hip-Hop’s mount rushmore.

Long live James Dewitt Yancey a.k.a. J. Dilla.

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