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Gem Martinez-cooler

Gem Martinez

Sirius XM Hit With Fourth $100 Million Lawsuit in Past Month [THR]

7 Illuminati Clues in Jay Z’s “Holy Grail” Video [TRU]

A$AP Rocky Charged In “Made In America” Assault [Urban Daily]

Katy Perry Gets Her 8th No. 1 [Vulture]

The Strange Story Of Skype [Ars Technica]

Seven Things We Learned From Big Boi’s AMA Reddit Interview [Giant]

Hip Hop Marketing At The Strip Club [Al Lindstrom]

Online Attack Leads to Peek Into Spam Den [NYT]

Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Boob Guitar [Peeperz]

Jack Nicholson Reportedly Retires From Acting Due To Memory Loss [Film Drunk]

Millipedes – Yes, Millipedes – May Be Responsible for Australian Train Crash [Time]

The 6 Best Ways To Use A Treadmill That Aren’t Running [Crosby Press]

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