Six Guests That Really Need To Be On Detox…

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Earlier this week, Gotty™ directed us to a piece entitled “Six Guests That Need To Be On Detox.” Throwing the element of surprise directly out the window, that list included Redman, Kanye West, Hova, Weezy, Raekwon and The Game. Now, I don’t mean to rain on another’s opinion…but aside from Jayceon, that list is subpar setup for a less than stellar presentation. It reflects someone who turned the radio off long enough to pick his favorite rappers, mix them with headliners Dre has yet to work with and, voilà, a “new & improved” version of Detox. “I would love to see a rejuvenated Hov kick sixteen bars over a supernova hot Dre beat. C’mon – you would too.”

Not on this album.

Nor would I ever want to hear Wayne ruin a Dre song by using one of disgusting Autotuned moan adlibs. The good Doctor’s series of Chronic albums are contemporary classics that have spotlighted emerging rappers and paved the way for two generations of the Westcoast. They’ve never been a who’s who of popular rap and never should be. Too many big names leaves a watered down product (See: Aftermath’s roster, circa 2004-2007).

With that said, let’s see who should really be on most the anticipated gangsta-rap album of all time.

Crooked I

Not only has this man been grinding harder, better, faster and longer than most emcees presently out, he’s basically the leader of the New West movement. He’s got the all the tools to keep the coast afloat, has had little to no help from his elderstatesman and the man’s breakout is overdue. If you’ve heard “Say Dr.Dre,” a track Crooked supposedly ghostwrote for Doc, you know this is probably already in the works. And that’s why it’s justified.

Ice Cube

It’s hard to believe how little these two have worked together since the demise of N.W.A. Aside from the ill-fated rebirth of the world’s most dangerous group and their sinister “Natural Born Killaz” collaboration, these pioneers have let the salty taste in their mouths keep them from making classic music for the masses for too long. If they can see past their differences and huge stacks of greenbacks, a reunion of sorts would be perfectly timed for Detox. While they’re at it, a call to Ren would be a great look on both their parts.

Warren G.

While Warren’s “Deez Nuts” intro on the original Chornic is possibly the most famous skit ever, Dre’s half-brother has never gotten proper dues on his fam’s projects. No, he’s not the best rapper, which is probably Dre’s reasoning, but there’s no question the man is super-talented in his own right. If he doesn’t get any bars, a featured beat or beat-collabo would be a great addition to the project, and an even better look for Warren’s dwindling career.

Too $hort

Besides appearing together on Scarface’s “Game Over,” Short Dog and Dr.Dre have never worked side-by-side. For the sake of the Left Coast legacy, real needs to recognize real. With all fakery in mainstream rap, there’s no better time than now for this pair of forty-somethings to give every Hip-Hop fan that true pimp single they’ve waited on for years. If they could add Devin The Dude on the hook, it would be straight retarded. Just a thought.

Joell Ortiz

Another member of Slaughterhouse, but more pertinently a former member of the Aftermath roster. Obviously, Andre knows what the Brooklynite is capable of lyrically, but couldn’t manage his career and let him go. A few featured guest spots on Detox, like he did for new jacks such as Hittman or Six-Two on 2001, would go a long way in terms of reparations. Besides, we’ve all heard what Joell does to Dre’s beats.

Nate Dogg

This is the main reason the original list gets axed. More than the fact that Nate Dogg needs to be on Detox, he has to be. These two are the epitome of a symbiotic relationship. They make more hits together than they do without each other and Dre knows it. If he was smart, Dre would wait till Nate is healthy to release the already oft-delayed album. Screw T-Pain and Akon. When it comes to California gangsta music, everyone knows it ain’t a hit ’til Nate Dogg spit.

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