Six Must-Have Smartphone Apps From 2012

12.27.12 4 years ago 11 Comments

There are a lot of smartphone apps floating around out there, whether you’re on Android or iOS. We have our standard everyday apps, like Twitter, Gmail, and Angry Birds. But here are some hidden gems you might not have or we just think you should get.

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“Figure” By Propellerhead Software AB
Cost: $0.99 in App Store

The same folks that make the beat production programs Reason and Rebirth brewed up an effective mobile app to do your beats on the go. For only ninety-nine cents, Figure sure does a lot, allowing you to save your work, tweak sounds to impressive levels, and surprisingly it’s ultra-responsive on your Apple device.

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“Waking Mars” By Tiger Style

Cost: $4.99 in App Store and Play Store

There are a lot of adventure games out there. And a lot of them are quality. But most don’t utilize the power, interface, and HD display all at once on your tablet. There was a game that did that this year, and it brought along a captivating story with it. Waking Mars is a touch-guided space exploring, puzzle, action game. Yes, all in one.

You guide your character through the depths of Mars, awakening mysterious alien plants and species, all wide avoiding the various hazards. The artwork is mesmerizing on your HD screen, and Tiger Style added so much detail you get lost in the scenes. The voice acting and sounds are some of the best out there, also.

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“Walking Dead: The Game” By TellTale Inc

Cost: Free, as of December 26. $14.99 for episodes 2-5 in App Store

A lot of you might have heard of Walking Dead because it’s been added in everyone’s game of the year shortlist for 2012. Well, it’s with good conviction. Following the same back-story as the hit TV show, the game sets you in a realistic, post-apocalyptic present-day town in Georgia. But what could make a point-and-click, moral-based game so addictive and great? The story.

TellTale took the grimy world of the Walking Dead and illustrated it into a poignant and scary adventure, parallel with the show’s season one. You care about the characters, you consider all objectives before reacting, and the graphics mirror comic book art, both crisp and colorful. You won’t want to put the game down.

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“Photogrid” By Roid App

Cost: Free in App Store and Play Store

With the popularity of Pintrest and Instagram emerging in 2012, as did an abundance of photo assist apps. One that stood out is Photogrid, a simple application that lets you add your pictures into collages. It also has features that let you make borders and is synced across all social networks.

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