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10.20.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

Nadia Jo, Thicker Than A Snicker

Six People Whose Quest For Fame Was Worse Than Richard Heene [Gawker]

Weed Smuggling Horses Busted By the Man [Animal]

“Beverly Hills 4? Starting Over [Showing Out]

Colombian Mayor Cancels Calle 13 Show Over T-shirt [AP]

These Quarterbacks Don’t Hate Each Other Enough! [Kissing Suzy Kobler]

Five Weirdest 90’s Sitcom Sidekicks [College Humor]

Ten Things That Actually Happened at Friday’s R. Kelly Concert [Vulture]

You Know Who Clipse Is? [UHTN]

Britney’s Back in Black [TMZ]

Driving A Fast Car Boosts A Man’s Testosterone Level [Asylum]

Satan’s Influence in Pop Culture: Myth vs. Reality [Cracked]

The Plot to Kill Plain Old QWERTY [Technologizer]

How To Make Money In Hollywood: Throw Beer At Malkovich [TSB]

New Ponzi Scheme Robbed Haitians of Millions [HHW]

‘Through The Wire’: The Illustrated Words of Kanye West [Street Level]

Nipsey Hussle Drops One More Mixtape Before Debut Album [MTV]

The Fan We Love To Hate [Gunaxin]

TSS Shirts Marked Down [TSS]

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