Skewby – “No Handlebars”

11.18.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

With all the rap blogs I read everyday pretty much playing favorites, of course I’m going to discover an MC as talented as Skewby at a site I specifically keep an eye on for offbeat, non-rap picks. Thanks to the cool, cover-all blog/promo-machine RCRD LBL, now we can all enjoy this Memphis mold of Cassidy, Lupe & Q-Tip (Q-Lupassidy?) turn up the tempo on The Flobots “Handlebars” beat and prove that he can indeed ‘do it better.’ Not only in terms of this song, but just bending bars period. This kid is good. Carrying the charisma of your favorite rapper, this newly-legal drinker flips on flows like light-switches, enlightening listeners along the way with equally easy and elaborate punch-lines like, “I don’t rock with squares and I never roll with circles/ I make my own dimensions…” Slick.

I managed to obtain linkage to Swewb’s 2008 Proving You Wrong Since 1988 mixtape and – based off this one song alone – I’m already warming up a spot in the CD player.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.


Download — Skewby – “No Handlebars”

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