Skillz – “2013 Sports Rap Up”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
12.22.13 6 Comments

If memory serves me right, Skillz claimed last year’s “Rap Up” to be his last, after ten consecutive years of entertaining fans with his annual report of all things rap.

Now, let me tell you why you should never say never: because big opportunities and money have a strange way of motivating a person. I’m not saying Skillz got a check, but how could he turn down an opportunity to create a sports-themed recap for ESPN’s Numbers Don’t Lie?

The VA. MC did a solid job covering the big events in sports – only second to our recap – ranging from the Heat’s championship, Ware’s gruesome leg-break, the Boston Marathon bombing and more. But it’s hard to go over the top praising the tune since it lacks some of the punchlines we’ve come to associate with his usual yearly. Maybe he’s saving the good stuff for “Rap Up 2013”?

Hey, he’s already technically gone back against his word so he may as well deliver.


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