Skillz Will Be In BET’s Next Cypher

10.19.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

After serving everybody with his own version of a BET Cypher, Skillz garnered the attention of BET head honcho Stephen G. Hill, who got the Hip-Hop holy ghost and began praising Skillz’s viral hit via his Twitter.

Hill’s reaction was the final part of Skillz plan. The rapper said “I’ve learned how to create something and make you pay attention to it and the average person will say ‘damn, that’s a good ass idea.’” True. Who else has everyone’s ear and attention at the end of each calendar year.

When asked would he take Hill & BET up on the offer, Skillz told The Urban Daily that he most certainly would.

TUD: So are you going to take BET up on the offer?

Skillz: I definitely would not pass up a chance to be on television, on one of the biggest networks of our generation. I don’t take those kind of looks likely. Even if I would have been in the Cypher, I only got 16 bars to make this happen, to make everybody talk about me tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, in my Cypher I went a little long because I could but I’m sure Stephen Hill would take me up on it. We’ve crossed paths a couple times. He knows who I am when he sees me but maybe he just didn’t make that connection. Through the power of Twitter I got him to pay attention. It worked.

Score one for the good guys and the power of social networking.


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