Skipp Coon – “Assata Taught Me (Pg. 181)”

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07.27.14 10 Comments

Skipp Coon Assata Taught Me

For what seems like years, rap’s often lacked lyrics that stuck to your ribs. Sure, music is entertainment and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with songs that provide people with delight for three minutes and change. Still, we sometimes need that takeaway that’s been a traditional piece of what rap is. That enlightening experience where we pick up a jewel while dancing a jig or head-nodding to a thumping beat.

As the first track from his Miles-Garvey LP, “Assata Taught (Pg. 181)” is that “gospel for the secular” by Skipp Coon. Every bar has an intent – be it to cause a smirk, to generate a pause to think or to make pushing rewind necessary. Skipp’s not too heavy-handed with it and he fashions himself as a man of the people, one who talks “…God on the regular, In retro Jordans, a pistol and a cellular.” And with that approach, the word is given in a way that offers people a bit of bang for their buck plus some thoughts for change leftover.

Miles-Garvey is set to drop on August 21, the date of Nat Turner’s insurrection. Again, it’s deeper than rap.

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