Skizzy Mars Grabs Everyone’s Attention With Delightful Guilty Pleasure, ‘Comb’

01.08.16 2 years ago
Skizzy Mars Alone Together Cover


Some drunken nights, we get the best of ourselves. On others, our inebriation gives us the confidence to rule the world. When Skizzy Mars gets boozy and fueled up, the buzzing Harlemite sets his wide eyes on tail, which is the theme to his new single, “Comb.”

Like most of Mars’ material, the song is poppy, honest and about as hard to resist as an unopened bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. His demographic is clearly female, but his delivery is so polished and unabashedly appetizing, even tough guys will have a hard time resisting Skizzy’s audible love notes.

After hearing this and his first single with Pell, we’re sure guilty pleasures galore can be found on Skizzy’s upcoming album, Alone Together, due out on March 11. Pre-order on iTunes.

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