Skyzoo – “Could’ve Struck The Lotto” x “Written In The Drums” Videos

01.17.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Almost eight months have passed since The Great Debater dropped and Skyzoo is doing his part to keep it from fading to the back of our memory banks with the release of the “Could’ve Struck The Lotto” video. Weaving his bars between the pensive flute wails, Sky’s words take center stage and remind us that the lyrics are the true lifeblood of this art form. The “Written In The Drums” video completes the daily double.

Feel free to download The Great Debater here if you haven’t done so already. It’s a distingushed member of 2K11’s Dirty Thirty. The only thing standing between it and you is your bandwidth speed. With TGD and his Live From The Tape Deck collab with !llmind, Skyzoo has been on one hell of a run both lyrically and artistically. I mean to the point where if he keeps this up for a couple of more tapes or years, we’ll be looking back at him later on down the line as something like a phenomenon. Chew on that while pushing play.

Now excuse me while I go scrounge up my Powerball numbers for the week.

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