SL Jones – “Let’m Talk”

01.16.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

I love it when SL Jones has shit to get off his chest. Whenever he gets riled up and focused, the brother speaks with the conviction of a preacher on Sunday morning, albeit one who curses and cuts up on the Saturday night before. Today, SL dropped “Let’m Talk,” the first track off of his upcoming EP Trapper’s Delight, which was produced entirely by M16 and hosted by Grand Hustle’s DJ MLK. And whoever in the congregation that riled up Jonesy, thank you so much.

“I’ll never take advice from a broke n*gga,
Wouldn’t waste a bullet to take the life of a broke n*gga,
They wanna smoke wit’cha, they wanna drank wit’cha
But if yo’ boat can’t stay afloat they ain’t gone sank wit’cha”

Yes, that’s the gospel according to SL.

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