Slaughterhouse Feat. Eminem – “Throw That”

08.21.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

Slaughterhouse is still riding a wave of good vibes from On The House. That fact isn’t stopping new material from trickling out though and, with an assist from Eminem, the foursome drops “Throw That,” what appears to be the lead single off of upcoming Welcome To: OUR HOUSE.

As much a cry for crossover appeal as On The… was a gift for hardcore fans, ‘That’ is hard to stomach. Em shows up in cringe-inducing form, channeling some of that dreaded accent that came to define his post-Eminem Show career. And the obnoxious beat does its part to drown out any clever lyricism that Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9” and co. might be cooking up. This obviously isn’t the first time respected acts have lowered themselves to appeal to the masses, but with Slaughterhouse in particular, the move is head-scratching; they will never be a pop-friendly group, so why waste time posturing as one? They get a free pass if OUR HOUSE lives up to its potential when it drops August 28th, but this first taste isn’t too inspiring.

Slaughterhouse Feat. Eminem – “Throw That” (Prod. By T-Minus)


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