Slaughterhouse’s Tim Westwood Freestyle

05.21.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

To say Slaughterhouse is good at this rapping thing, would be like saying Dwayne Wade and LeBron James had a good game yesterday. It’s obviously much more appropriate to use words like monstrous, unmatched, staggering, etc., but this one comes with a shade of gray.

Anyone who’s been following the Four-Headed Monster’s latest tandem demolitions of beats has had to be doubting whether these are actual ‘off the top’ freestyles or previously rehearsed verses. And even in the last one that David talked about, it was pointed out in the comments that Crooked rehashed an older effort. Well, this one, Joell unapologetically takes out his iPhone and reads his bars. All proverbial Hell broke loose when Drake pulled a similar move not too long ago. So, do we judge Slaughterhouse – and especially Joell Ortiz – equally harshly for forging a freestyle or have we come to accept a good verse for being just that, regardless of it being written or not?

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