Sleigh Bells – “Never Say Die (Araabmuzik Remix)”

10.05.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

There comes a time in every DJ’s life when he needs to get loud–and not in a “let me sprinkle a few more 808s and drums on this thing” way, either. No, he needs to take the beat by the balls, shove a needle into its ass and inject a healthy dose of audio steroids into that motherf*cker to really make it THUMP. Araabmuzik took that leap yesterday, remixing Sleigh Bells’ “Never Say Die” for Pitchfork. It’s big, powerful and monstrously invigorating, with nuts larger than a tree’s. Listen to the sound of titans’ raging below, and then click here to see if Araab and Sleigh Bells’ upcoming tour will be storming through your town.

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