S.L.T(SS) Pt. 10316…

09.29.08 9 years ago 24 Comments

Better pic than Jay and Jeezy.

It’s Monday. Sigh. I was enjoying the weekend.

Nonetheless, with the new workweek comes a grip of noteworthy hip-hop news. I’m still kind of groggy, and I don’t feel like writing up ten different posts though. Can you say, cover-all?

• “Swagger Like Us Pt. 2”…confirmed. Jay-Z told BET.com that it’ll be featured on his upcoming album, Blueprint 3, which will be released on Dec. 2. Nas, Jeezy and Andre 3000 have already recorded their verses. *Pumps fist.

• Mr. Obama shouted out Hip-Hop. Says he’s got Jay and Yeezy on his iPod, but has no opinion on who’s the GOAT. I guess my pick for president is saving his debate game for Cashville.

• As you know, Weezy now blogs over at ESPN. Gotty™ could give him some pointers because the shit’s boring. Check it out anyways.

• No less than a month after TRL got axed, BET has decided to follow suit and terminate Rap City. The last episode will air on October 26th. Hell, I know most people stopped watching once Tigga got the boot, anyways.

• It’s a new day in Detroit. Once beefed-out rappers, Royce, D12 and Obie Trice, will be embarking on a 13-date Canadian tour. Thing is, I’m pretty sure all three of them haven’t rocked together in The D. What’s up with that, eh?

• Sean Kingston is an idiot. First of all, he got $500,000 chain made to resemble a box of crayons. Then, the shit got stolen…when he asked his sister to FedEx it to him. Someone slap his manager. Now.

• According to Mass Appeal Entertainment, a posthumous album from Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is on the way. Eye-Legacy will drop on November 11, and feature Missy Elliot on the lead single, “Let’s Just Do It.”

• Ursher is taking a cue from Teddy Pendergrass, and going on a ‘Ladies Only’ tour. The tour kicks off in Atlantic City on November 2. Expect lots of jealous boyfriends to be talking shit outside. In other news, Usher is the man.

• Trying to avoid any controversy, the Super Bowl Committee has selected The Boss for this year’s big game in Tampa. No, not Rick Ross, you knuckleheads. Captain America himself, Bruce Springsteen.

• Finally, the head of Def Jam South, Scarface the legend, says his next album Emeritus, will be his last. Don’t call it a retirement for Face, though. “I don’t retire, I quit,” he told MTV’s Mixtape Monday. Consider it copped.

T-t-t-t-that’s all, folks. I’m going to eat some Spaghetti-Os.

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