Slum Village – “Dope Man”

11.13.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Slum Village has been through their fair share of trials. Everything from fall outs, roster changes and even untimely deaths have affected it’s very being in the past couple of years. But somehow, the group (or whatever is left of it) rises from the ashes and hits us with new music.

“Dope Man” features T3 in rare form and a verse from the late Baatin. Odds are, it won’t set your world on fire. But it’s enough to let you know SV is still alive and kicking. Apparently Elzhi sat this one out as he’s nowhere to be found on the track. Illa J, SV’s newest member, didn’t get on the mic either. I guess this was a “founding fathers only” affair.

This leak was sent out to put heads on notice for SV’s The Villa Manifesto Digital EP dropping December 8th. The EP is a precursor to the actual Villa Manifesto album set for release some time in 2010.


Download — Slum Village – “Dope Man”

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