Smirnoff Signature Mix Series. Element. NYC. 2.26.08.

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Words & Pics By Jason Hortillas

Common. Smirnoff Event.

Industry events usually suck. Annoying bouncers, A&R line cutters and PR velvet rope maids with their Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” headsets are stared upon, waiting for your name to be highlighted and let in the door. This was present Tuesday night but after the usual aura of phoniness wafts off; you realize these heads actually put together a banging ass lineup. The Smirnoff Signature Mix Series, co-ran with Cornerstone Promotion, combined the talents of both artist and producer and revamped old tracks with a 2008 appeal. Bringing together artists combos including Q-Tip/Cool & Dre, KRS One/DJ Premier and Common/Just Blaze, was like a comic book team up issue realized.

The stage of the venue Element, in the Lower East Side of New York City, stood roughly two feet high, flooded with photographers the first artist steps to the stage. Covered in a black puffy down jacket with shades on, the one known as Kammal the Abstract eggs on the crowd. The DJ booth is just above the stage on the fully open balcony as Cool & Dre throw down a new beat. “The night is on my mind, the sun’ll still shine!” Q-Tip yells to the crowd as Smirnoff’s experiment is in full swing. Catching the crowd off guard, the familiar lyrics of “Midnight,” off of A Tribe Called Quest’s arguably best album, Midnight Marauders, keeps the young hipsters in line. The microphone adorned with a jagged metal hand grip attachment (with the Smirnoff logo of course) is large and gaudy, slightly cutting Tip on the chin to which he is oblivious. As an assistant hands him a napkin to wipe off the blood, the majority of the crowd pays no mind as he proceeds with his set of ATCQ classics like “Footprints, “Jazz” and “Can I Kick It.”

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Smirnoff Signature Event @ Element. 2.26.08.


KRS One – “Criminal Minded 2008” produced by DJ Premier

Common – “The Light 2008′ produced by Just Blaze

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Smirnoff Launches Music Series With Signature Reinterpretations of Classic Hits by Common, Q-Tip and KRS-One [PR]

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