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Amy Winehouse – The 2007 Winner for Ride Or Die Bitch, for standing by here man. Standing so tall in fact, until she herself was arrested…of sorts.

Singer Amy Winehouse was free on bail Wednesday after London police briefly arrested and questioned her in a case involving her husband, police said. Police would not confirm the singer was arrested and freed, saying only that the case involved a 24-year-old woman, but the singer’s representative confirmed it was Winehouse…Winehouse representative Tracey Miller downplayed the arrest, saying it was common procedure during questioning. She said Winehouse went in voluntarily. (CNN)

Tis is true because I had an acquaintance “detained” all night Monday. But does nobody around this bird give a flying flip that she’s entranced in a circular spiral down the commode?

— “Twenty or more FSU players might be pulled from bowl” (ESPN)

Pardon me but I wholeheartedly believe Bobby Bowden & Joe Pa should step down, otherwise these types of blemishes & incidents will add tarnish to their otherwise impeccable resumes.

— In an attempt to protect her arse, Remy’s camp released this statement in regards to recent claims by a supposed former ex-lover…who just happened to be a female.

“The fraudulent video hoax that has surfaced of an alleged female lover of Remy Ma is completely false and reps for Remy Ma emphatically deny these claims. The staged video and storyline, as well as the voice on the phone posing as Remy are all fictitious and have made it very obvious that this is a deliberate attempt to undermine Remy’s name and character. Remy Ma has not nor has she ever been involved in a same sex relationship with the accuser or any other woman however Remy is respectful of those who choose the alternative lifestyle. Again, this video and claim are both 100% untrue and we hope that the involved accusers are aware of the civil liberties violated in the taping of this video.”

Personally, I just love the PC-ness of the line that read “…however Remy is respectful of those who choose the alternative lifestyle.”

— More hilarities from The Real – “A Hot Winter” (Itsthereal).

— From last night, video of Slick Rick performing “La Di Da Di” last night in Houston (BDG Doom).

— “Can You Dig It?” with DJ Neil Armstrong (Heavy In The Streets).

— Since the Mitchell Report released, I’m in awe of how many athletes are fessin’ up so quickly. Everybody and their dad is running for cover, losing contracts/not being re-signed, etc etc. But if baseball doesn’t do something, it’s going to lose the last holdouts it calls its fans.

And as one of the biggest names on the list who’s thus far denied his usage of HGH, if Clemens’ doesn’t receive some type of punishment, then…

* Take the “asterik” talk away from Bonds’ record.

* Let Pete Rose in the motherfuckin Hall! Charlie Hustle deserves it.


Curt Schilling has never been @ a loss for words. I rarely agree with his outspoke behavior but this one is on point.

“If he doesn’t do that then there aren’t many options as a fan for me other than to believe his career 192 wins and three Cy Youngs he won prior to 1997 were the end,” Schilling wrote Wednesday in his blog, “From that point on the numbers were attained through using [performance-enhancing drugs]. Just like I stated about Jose [Canseco], if that is the case with Roger, the four Cy Youngs should go to the rightful winners, and the numbers should go away if he cannot refute the accusations.” (ESPN)

And with what may be the best headline I read all morning…

“Jingle Balls – Woman ‘Gropes’ Santa At Mall” (NY Post)

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