Smokin’ Dro Week 5 – “Polo (Remix)”

10.06.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

NY’s been so good to us lately, I’ve decided we’re going to stay for an extra week. This time we make the trip from the Bronx to Manhattan. Harlem, to be exact.

Song: “Polo (Remix)”

Source: Vado’s Slime Flu

Favorite Dro-ism: Ay Waffle House, I got a gun, call it “Gatty Melt”/I’ll kill a n!gga then order me a Patty Melt/The Porshce cool, but I like the way the Caddy felt/They say, ‘Dro you eatin’ good with yo’ fat self’/’But you still real fine with yo’ black self’/Hey, where this space ship come?/That’s a black stealth….

Lifted Thoughts: You seriously thought a record entitled “Polo” was going to drop without Dro stitching his threads on there? Shame. On. You. I could have easily quoted the Abigail line and been just fine. If this is how he plans to spit for the near and distant future, then St. Nick is definitely starting his global trip early on December 14 with the release of Drolo. Speaking of Polo, however, I need to scoop me a Ralph Lauren skully before the temperature really starts in the coming weeks. Looks like the DMV is in for another cold one.


Download — Vado Feat. Young Dro – “Polo (Remix)”

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