‘Smokin N Jokin With Jonny Shipes’ Episode 2: The SXSW Edition

04.02.13 5 years ago

Here are the five things you’ll see when you click play on Cinematic TV’s latest Smokin N Jokin episode filmed on location at SXSW:

1. Pro Era’s Dyemond Lewis with the impeccable Rock impersonation.

2. Illustrated boobies.

3. Jonny Shipes covert mission inside a La Quinta.

4. The “triple XL” joint packed in Smokers Club rolling papers.

5. And of course, the customary contact high the comes with interacting with anything related to Smokers Club. Can’t get high because you have a piss test coming up as part of your probation? Live through these guys.

Roll up and enjoy.

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