TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With DJ Neil Armstrong

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We like to take risks & embark on different adventures. Honestly though, all of this is new to us though because we don’t have any formal experience & it’s not like there’s a Blogging For Dummies book that we can refer to.

One day, I decided “Fuck it yo…let’s start doing some interviews with various people.”

Somewhat daunting to say the least but we figure it would add a little spice to what we’re doing & also give you something entertaining to read.

The end result is what you’re about to read now + what we hope is a series of “interviews” (we use the term loosely).

Smoking Sessions will be not-so-average rap sessions with artists & various other music entities, with us speaking to them similar to how cats would prolly sit around on the block, in a dorm room or at that one homeboy’s house who’s parents are dumb cool about everything and don’t bother anybody. In these sessions, we’ll ask some musical questions but really, we’ll just be asking whatever the fuck comes to mind lol (Got questions you want to submit? Email us).

The only problem was…we don’t “know” anybody.

So we turned to the cat who we know fucks with us & extended a strong olive branch from our first communication…

Smoking Sessions with DJ Neil Armstrong

TSS: Aiight…just hit me when you’re ready

DJ Neil: all right…

TSS: Here we go…

DJ Neil: Let’s do it…

TSS: We’ll keep it real simple & real light

TSS: Pick one – “The Bridge” or “The Bridge Is Over“.

DJ Neil: The Bridge Is Over” (even though I’m from Queens)

TSS: Haha…oh no…Going against the home team? Why?

DJ Neil: I’m a Queens head…BUT – I know what the deal is (“Bronx is creatin it!“)

TSS: aiight…I’ll give you that one

TSS: What was one of your favorite albums in high school?

DJ Neil: Easy…De La Soul – Three Feet High And Rising

TSS: wow…I “borrowed” that tape for like 3 months from my barber LOL

DJ Neil: “How many times the batmobile catch a flat…” ….I would just let the tape flip over and over

TSS: Next up….your mixtapes…they bring together alot of genres. I know I was buggin when I heard Spandau Ballet on WarmFuzzy.

DJ Neil: Yes… all out king style

TSS: Given that, tell me this…guilty pleasure listening…what’s one album you listen to regularly or love that folks wouldn’t believe?

DJ Neil: That’s “embarrassing” you mean?

TSS: Nah not necessarily…maybe just if you told someone, they’d say “wow” or “stop playin Neil.

DJ Neil: The Smiths – Louder Than Bombs

TSS: hmm…isn’t that punk?

DJ Neil: welll, the category that it fell under during my day would be the general term “new wave“…. that’s what it fell under for us…definitely not punk.

TSS: Please don’t say disco lol

DJ Neil: It’s very maudlin music…. Morrissey was the lead singer … he’s someone whose name you should have come across.

TSS: Word, okay, I’m with you now

DJ Neil: …With lyrics like – “And if a double decker bus, killed the both of us… to die by your side, well, the pleasure the privileged is mine…”

TSS: Damn…so that sounds like how I view Portishead…some “it’s sad but it makes me feel good” type music

DJ Neil: Haha yeah, I think The Smiths were a precursor to emo…something of that nature. The Smith’s music is more like “I love you so much, that I want to capture it in death so the love never dies.“…like how South Park was making fun of the goth kids

TSS: (Makes note to self to go check for some Smiths’ tunes)

TSS: haha…”Neil Armstrong Is An Emo Kid“…wait til the readers hear that headline. You’re gonna get a whole new addition to your fanbase.

TSS: On a typical “day off“, who/what gets the most of your time?

DJ Neil: Never have days off man…. people who have the day jobs, they tend to have this belief that doing your own thing is super great… you control your own time, but its like this – if you’re not working – you’re not making money. So you’re always working, especially in the beginning.

DJ Neil: Here’s somethin – I have a degree in chemical engineering

TSS: Damn! And you’re spinnin records? That’s fuckin love right there. Son, you could’ve been building bombs or working for NASA, making a grip.

TSS: So when you left college, did you ever hold a gig in your field of study?

DJ Neil: Yeah… I made a conscious choice, to leave stability and the norm, because I love this music shit. After I left school, I worked for an investment banking firm – CSFB – I was a technical associate…I can program in perl, php, did a lot of database stuff, and almost got hired to be a java programmer … ended up being a high end “manager” for an internet company. When it went belly up in the bubble burst back in 2001, I said “I’m going to do this DJ thing.” If back in the day, you ever went to Loud’s website, I was the one who programmed that…

TSS: So do you invest now? Seems like a lot of cats who make good money in the industry, it seems like they don’t have that much interest or hands on experience w/investments & portfolios. Do you?

DJ Neil: Thankfully I have had the education and the proper environment to know how to take care of my loot better then the average person in the demographic that I’m part of…I bought a crib when I was 24, because I was making good money, and I was smart enough not to waste it on frivolous things. So I had a crib, but drove around in a crappy ass car

TSS: So no ice or fancy whips for Neil?

DJ Neil: Nope, I drive a soccer mom car ;-) a Honda CRV ;-)

TSS: haha…some kid was telling me how Young Joc came to his school & performed in K-Swiss. His question to me was “how a rap star gonna be wearing K-Swiss?”…that cracked me up lol

DJ Neil: haha

TSS: I say you’re a sneakerhead or at least aware of the culture…true/false?

DJ Neil: I am not a pure hardcore sneaker head… I’m not even a hardcore record collector. But I think sneaker heads would laugh at my collection and they’d get pissed, because I’ll wear some shit outside. I can’t say I stood outside for like 3 days to get these limited edition pink yellow puice SB’s

TSS: I’m Team Anti-DS til the day I die. Rock them shits! Well what are you a hardcore collector of…besides money we’ll presume.

DJ Neil: I need more money!!!

TSS: We’re all collecting money as best we can so that’s a given. But if I walked in your crib I’d say “damn Neil you sure got a lot of ____________

DJ Neil: I think, I have a pretty “addictive” personality…

TSS: So we’d say you’re like every red-blooded American male and that you have an extension porn collection lol? “Neil has a lot of collected junk but his main collection pieces are porn related“?

DJ Neil: I collected comics, took care of my toys… still have them… probably have a lot more records then the average cat… and kicks too… BUT, I ain’t some dude who is going to be like ” yo kid…

TSS: So you’re online bidding on Kubricks and Kaws shit or are you get those as swag? LOL..I’m snitchin

DJ Neil: I guess I’m a student of pop culture , of music…

TSS: Sociologist of sorts…that’s cool. Aiiight…keeping it movin. Song of the moment for you?

DJ Neil: hmmmm, that’s tough… ok new song – I’ll do some cliché hipster shit and just say Gnarls Barkley “Crazy.”

TSS: Aww man…that’s so two months ago lol….But yes, it sets it off early in the mornings.

DJ Neil: Damn, see how behind I am ;-)

TSS: Now for me, I can rap Illmatic all day “NY State Of Mind,” all the verses LOL. Song guaranteed to hear you singing in the shower?

DJ Neil: Hmmmmmm…..Any Stevie Wonder jam. I’m Filipino…we like singin

TSS: HAHA…ok then…Innvervisions or Songs In The Keys Of Life? Pick one.

DJ Neil: Songs in the Key I think… I told you I’m not an insane record collector, can’t remember which songs are on which…I’m just a regular record collector

TSS: SITKOL easily man…aiight, let’s get a few more questions out the way

DJ Neil: ok

TSS: French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe/Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched…” Which one for you?

DJ Neil: Butter-pecans, but I guess I end up with caramel all the time

TSS: Baskin-Robbins type dude myself…I’m tryin’em all homie

DJ Neil: I hear that

TSS: Biggest pet peeve that your friends would list first about you?

DJ Neil: oh, and no, I don’t have any physical porn… just that internet stuff that ummm, just magically appears…

TSS: haha….nah nah man, pet peeves, we off porn now…some shit like “Neil leaves dirty socks on the couch” or “Neil puts his fingernail clippings all over the place

DJ Neil: Hmmmmm…shit, usually I’m the one that’s bitchin to my crewmates

TSS: So you’re the anal retentive crew mom?

DJ Neil: Ok, I got one… I’m supposed to be fresh dipped all the time, but I got a pooch, a half pit half yellow lab…

…and I’ll go out in a black hoodie with two tons of dog hair all over …

TSS: LOL…I had to let out a chuckle for that one

DJ Neil: Wifey gets at me about that all the time

TSS: So we need to send you lint rollers man?

DJ Neil: Man… I got like five in the car… I just give up after a while

TSS: LOL…lazy ass

TSS: Aiight, let’s do like 3 more quick questions…Here’s a toughie

TSS: Artist you think has the most ability to blow up, but won’t, for whatever reasons? Memphis Bleek don’t count.

DJ Neil: Hip hop, or any genre…

TSS: Enh…hip-hop preferably

DJ Neil: So you want a current artist, or from any time period?

TSS: Hmm…whatever’s clever. Current would be better but if you don’t have one, we’ll keep it moving.

DJ Neil: Old artist – Masta Ace…I think he never gets his due.

TSS: Ace got a semi-cult following like Cannabis lol…the people love him but the masses will never know how truly dope his work is.

DJ Neil: As for new artist…Saigon…gotta go with him. He’s aligned himself with a camp that will always leave him in that certain zone, that Kay Slay, underground mc zone, a la Papoose

TSS: Aww man…I think everybody who knows is pulling for Sai but interesting call right there.

TSS: I’ll let you decide here for the next few questions, music or non-music question?

DJ Neil: Non-musical I guess

TSS: Quick draw, rapid fire answers

TSS: Lebron or Kobe?

DJ Neil: Lebron

TSS: McDonald’s or Wendy’s?

DJ Neil: “I like the Whopper/fuck the Big Mac…”


DJ Neil:…so Wendy’s

TSS: Ass or Tits?

DJ Neil: Ass dude…but I like boobies too


TSS: Last one….

TSS: What would you say now to the first female that broke up with you?

DJ Neil: “Dang you got old!” (That’s just cause I’ve seen her recently…she looks like a troll…)


TSS: But aiyo hold on…what’s she gonna say about you?

DJ Neil: I don’t believe you still date college girls…

TSS: HAHA…that one took the cake

TSS: aiight, interview over homie. That’s far more than enough for me lol

DJ Neil: Alright, that was fun fellas.

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